Next Level Vegetable Burger

Next Level Vegetable Burger

A new vegan product, a new Hurray

We created this section to publicize new vegan products, try them and give our opinion. We are not kitchen experts or professional cooks, so we are not technically qualified to do a technical assessment. We will simply make a description from the respect, with the intention of bringing perceptions, but never make a destructive criticism.

In this case, we tested the NextLevel vegan burger, which is presented in a package of 2 units, with a total weight of 277 grams. We buy them at the Lidl supermarket in Zaragoza at a price of € 2.99

Brand: NextLevel

Product: Vegan Burger

Units: 2

Total weight of the 2 units: 277 grams

Price: € 2.99

How do we prepare it?

1. Defrost the hamburgers in the microwave

2. We put them on a grill like this one gradually raising the temperature:

3. After 10 minutes we remove them and present them between loaves. We used sliced ??bread because it was what we had at the time, although it would have been good to make them in the typical hamburger ones.

4. We add some slices of vegan cheese that melted with the heat of the burger.

5. Serve with a homemade vegan mayonnaise.

What are we looking at in this case?

Our opinion is based on the following criteria that seem "objective" and that can help us to give a representation to those who read us:

1. Appearance:

Once cooked they have a reddish color and their appearance is very similar to those made based on animal suffering.

2. Texture:

It is compact, without achieving the texture of Beyond Meat or Linda McCartney.

3. Aroma:

When cooking, the aroma that was most present was that of beets.

4. Flavor:

The weak point of this product from our point of view was the taste, since we noticed it lacking in flavor, it does not taste like meat, it does not taste like vegetable either. It does have a hint of pepper. The truth is that by the appearance and the texture we imagined more power, but we still enjoyed it.

At Naturalina we celebrate every time we see new products, as well as we love cooking and creating them. It seems to us that as markets include vegan options, a step is being taken towards reducing animal suffering that we cannot underestimate.

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