On the Rights that Animals have (and that the Human being recognizes them... or not yet)

On the Rights that Animals have (and that the Human being recognizes them... or not yet)

Animals and their rights

The purpose of this section is to investigate the evolution of the recognition of the animal as a subject of law both at the international level as well as in comparative rights.

The hypothesis that we will sustain is that of respect for Life and, as a consequence, as long as the human being does not attempt against his own subsistence, it should not be justified or admitted that he snatches the Life of another sentient being.

In this case, we comment on the session of May 12, 2021 in which the General Directorate of Animal Rights under the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 of Spain has presented and has been questioned by its Government Regulatory Plan of Spain on Animal Welfare.

The debate has touched on the following topics that we have found extremely interesting and that we are going to mention below.

In this post and in no other in this section we will not delve into aspects of party politics. We only bring the news that animals rights are being debated right now and it is very important to be aware of this in order to continue protecting them from so much atrocity and abuse.

Among the proposals that were heard are the following

1. That pets cannot be seized.

2. That pets cannot be treated as luggage in the event of a traffic accident.

3. That they cease to be treated as part of the mass of community property in the event of a process of separation of property from the marriage after a divorce.

4. That the penalties for the cases of animal protectors who resort to falsification of medical documents and euthanasia procedures be criminally regulated in order to free up space to continue collecting more stray animals and save costs in veterinary fees.

5. That the abandonment and adoption of animals be regulated.

6. The creation and regulation of a national bank of identification chips, accessible by certain agents.

7. Better controls and supervision by breeders.

Some of the measures that have actually been taken

1. During the SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19) pandemic, the criteria for the protection of domestic animals during confinement (feline colonies, those that were on farms) and those animals whose owners had been affected by the virus.

2. Collect and house animals of women victims of sexist violence.

3. Proposal for a video surveillance system in slaughterhouses.

4. Proposal for a video surveillance system in laboratories.

5. Work is being done on criminal penalties for the mistreatment of vertebrate animals.

Our some conclusions (albeit preliminary)

1. We value the initiative by the State to promote measures that broaden the range of animal rights.

2. There is a clear intention of transition of the animal from the character of “mere thing” to “subject of rights”.

3. We note that there is a limited notion of "animals" to dogs, cats, canaries and bulls. Not beyond.

4. There is some intention to start expanding the rights of wild animals.

5. We are concerned that sport hunting is not treated as a cruel, sadistic and vexatious activity of the right to life.

6. We are concerned about the labor and psychological conditions of slaughterhouse workers.

7. We are concerned that no mention is made of the suffering of the bulls that are used as a diversion and that many sustain as part of Spanish culture, as if it were a stony and static concept.

In short: We hope that all these proposals will be a near reality. We consider that this debate requires the promotion of a gradual but sustained cultural transformation, on the one hand, and the beginning to put aside hypocrisy, on the other, given that animal suffering is recognized in the face of abandonment, but not in the face of its killing for later ingestion. Animals are sentient beings and they also have the right to live.

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