Is Naturalina free?

Naturalina is a 100% free to use classified ads web platform. No user should pay absolutely nothing to use the platform. If you are an advertiser, your ad is free as well as publishing your products. Your customers will view your data for free, not having to pay for your contact information to appear.


How do you register with Naturalina?

You can register for free at Naturalina in 3 ways:

1 . with your Facebook account

2. with your Gmail account

3. creating an account in Naturalina, very quickly, entering a personal email and a personal password. The system will ask you to enter your password again. In this case, you must check the box "I declare that I am not a Robot".

In all cases, you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of the site and configure the Use of Cookies Policy, accepting at least the technical Cookies that are used for the operation of every website.


What information can you edit from "My profile"?

Once registered, you will have access to a private area, "My Account", where you will find the following tabs:

- My Data

- My Addresses

- My Products (if you are an advertiser)

- My Favorites

- My Questions

- My Answers

In order to upload products, in case you are an advertiser, first of all you should upload your business. Once your store is uploaded, you can upload products and services related to it.


How do I cancel my account in Naturalina?

Simply writing an email to vegan@naturalina.info. We will regret that you leave us, but we will always wait for you to recommend us if you liked the experience and, of course, our doors will remain open in case you decide to return.


Thank you very much for being part of this sustainable space! If you liked it, we appreciate spreading this great movement that we do among all of us. It's Time to Click!