Vegan Vitel Thoné

Vegan Vitel Thoné

Vegan vitel thoné even though it's not Christmas yet

This is a recipe we didn't have much faith in to be honest. Once again the evolution of products and recipes prove that there are plant alternatives to food obtained from animal suffering.

What vegan product did we try to make this vegan yolk thone?

In this case, they recommended the Vegetalia seitan. Vegetalia is a company located in Barcelona and, as indicated on their website, they are specialists in the manufacture of organic and ecological products, made from vegetable protein.

Vegetalia seitan ingredients

As always, we leave you the ingredients of the products we use, according to their information label:

Water, wheat flour *, wheat gluten *, shoyu * [water, soybeans, wheat, sea salt, koji (ferment)], tamari * [water, soybeans, sea salt, Mikawa mirin (fermented rice), flour barley and koji], kombu seaweed *, ginger * and garlic * (* from organic farming).

The experience

As every time we try new products, we leave an opinion that, as such, is subjective and that in no case is it intended to be that of everyone. It is a perception and we share it in case it can be helpful for vegans and people in transition or for those who want to start introducing substitutes for animal products little by little and do not know where to start.

The appearance

We won't beat around the bush. It is exactly the same as beef. The color is exactly the same and when slicing it you can also see a similar texture, although more porous.

The texture

The same: it manages to replicate the tender, although fibrous, of a meat that is used for vitel thoné. It will also depend on how you cook it and for how long. In our case we have done it in the pan, with a drop of sunflower oil. A show!

The flavor

Seitan is a blank canvas that allows you to create the flavor you want. In this case we have seasoned it and the star has been the sauce, typical of vitel thoné, whose recipe we will leave below.

The fragance

In this case, depending on what you prepare it with and the seasonings, it will have its own aroma both during the cooking phase and during the tasting phase. We have found that if you sauté it with a touch of oil, it gives off an aroma similar to meat.

Vegan tonne yolk sauce recipe


- Capers (star product of the recipe)

- Vegan Mayonnaise (or "Veganesa") * This time we did not prepare it homemade, but we used the vegan Hellmann’s.

- Plant milk (we put soy milk this time)

- Sunflower oil (two tablespoons)

- Salt (required amount)

- Pepper (required amount)

The steps:

1. You put the capers together with the veganesa in a blender, add salt, pepper, a little garlic, two tablespoons of oil (whichever you like best), and when the consistency is semi-thick (we had a slightly watery because we add more milk than necessary), remove the sauce and put it in the fridge to lower its temperature a bit.

2. Slice the seitan into half-centimeter slices, put it in a pan previously moistened with vegetable oil (it can be sunflower or olive oil), season with salt and pepper, and leave it for a few minutes over medium heat until it is marked.

The capers give that touch of flavor that the tuna meat gives in the original recipe, in addition to the acid touch of this famous sauce.

3. Between breads… And ready to taste! Put a lot of sauce on that yolk thoné sandwich, please!

At Naturalina we test vegan products and replicate recipes that are sometimes thought exclusive to omnivorous cuisine; well, it's not like that. As good Argentines of Italian descent, this time we have tried seitan to cook the typical Piedmontese recipe, and we have achieved an excellent result, respecting life. We encourage you to do it! It is very simple. Next we promise to make it with homemade seitan!

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